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so this weekend was basically mad hot. it all started on friday morniing my cousin called n told me to come over cause we were gonna go to the park to go shoot around. i havent seen him in like mad months cause he work for sum minor league baseball team up north. so we shot around and played 1 on 1 and all that shit, but we were so out of shape we almost collapsed. so he came over and played sum madden n then bounced. i watched half baked and then the doorbell rang it was the ups guy with my pairs of timb i ordered for school. then i went to sleep woke up and took a shower. then natty called me n told me every1 was already at steves. so i got dressed n went off on my way. rang the doorbell n steve greg n neil answer it. neil n greg r in ali's clothes n shit. went upstairs n saw natty krystle colleen heather steve krystina(natty n alis friend)big adam and L-boogie. so we were chillin for a little bit...watchin greg n neil n shit. then pitts ali pam vinnie n sum other heads showed up. then tina got there from work. she was mad tired, i hadnt seen her in a long ass time. so we were chillin n shit n then all of a sudden neil put me down nice as hell...i love that kid to death!! so for the rest of the night i was just havin the best time possible with the best ppl(1 in particular.)n cause of that i couldnt say bye to greg heather colleen n krystle. i was supposed to get picked up at 12...but i told my parents i was gonna get a ride home at like 1:30-2 am. so u kno its passed 2:30 and im still havin a good time but i keep remindin every1 i gotta bounce cause they were all sleepin over. but problem was steves mom was downstairs n she wouldnt let me walk home if she knew that was the case. so i had to say a quick goodbye to every1 cause steve noticed she was in the bathroom. so i was walkin n shit got a call from natty halfway wondering if i was ok which i was. kept on walkin even more n i was near winfield park n i get another call at like 3am n its my mom askin where i am. told her i was at bayway circle cause we just finished droppin off elizabeth heads. got home like 10min after that. the doors were locked so i climbed through the bathroom window. made mad noise, n tried to sneak into my room. parents called me ovr n wanted to kno the story. they took things really well, so i didnt get into trouble.

even if i did get introuble it wouldnt of really mattered cause the time spent at the farawells i prolly wont forget for awhile. the more time u spend with a person the more u come to realizing how imp. she or he is(in this case she.) feelings r gettin stronger n i dont know wat i should do. i mean she feels the same way for me...but am i ready, its way beyond just a cruch or just liking her....shes mad important/special to me n im afraid ill end up doin sumthin mad stupid n lose her like that...wat to do.

so saturday night jack picked me up we went to this house party it was pretty dope. came back to my house to chill for a little bit. ana called n i got to talk to her for a good hour. then i talked to vee n neil online. after that went back to the party came home n slept.

today i woke up at like 1:30 n tom and mike called me. told me we were goin to the mall at 2:30. so we went to the wood. went to mcdonalds n they were sayin spencer was starin at me. i looked in the direction n noticed him. so i went over there for a minute n talked to his ass. then we walked around got a nice ass dark blue/baby blue sweater at demo. then while walkin through macys i saw nicole barlow. then we ended up bouncin to aj's goin away party. saw sum movies n watched tv n now im here. n my brother is coming back tonight from vegas so im pretty happy cause i missed him.

ana comin back from maryland tmw morning. so b4 she goes to south brunswick we gonna hit up the mall together cause i miss her ass. so orientation is coming...i dont really give a shit about it, i just wanna get through n just see the girls n shit n thats about it. ill prolly write in this shit a week from 59-58=1!!!!!!!!!
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