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is it a comeback?!

so 2nite goin to see 311 at convention hall. goin with 20 heads, so well prolly take 3-4 vehicles. this is gonna be my third time seeing them, first time was the best, but with this many people coming tonight might be the best.

thanksgiving has been a nice break from school. wednesday i ended up chillin w/ mike jayr tom n jen. havent chilled w/ jayr in a minute, we got him back in the habit which i was very proud about. went into wendy's parkin lot n saw cistaro shawn frankie n roach. talked to them for like 15 min then continued to do our thing. dropped off jen at the train-station n dropped off jayr at home. went back to mikes house to watch simpsons on dvd. i started falling asleep so i took off n went home.

yesterday was thanksgiving. stayed at my house at thanksgiving for the first time since my aunt n uncle moved to portugal. so i spent it w/ my family n my 2 cousins n other aunt n uncle who came from portugal on wednesday.

2nite ill prolly hit up a couple 40oz n just have fun. tmw i got an appointment at clippers. gotta meet up w/ bruno earlier though so i can follow him n find out where this place is at.
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