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so tired...

so it all started on thursday when i had orientation. went to go pick up mike n off i went. it was only till 11. my classes r pretty hot n i like my teachers, so it looks like this year im just gonna be crusin by. then i got n slept on and off for like 4 hours. called up natty to see how her orientation was. talked to her for a couple hours. then i watched the giants game. i was sad cause they lost by 3 to the 49ers, im suprised it was that close.

friday i was chillin around the house then tom called. told me to look out my window. it was him n his sister in her new car. scary thing was he was the 1 driving. so i was like nice lets go to the mall. so we called up mike n went to the wood. didnt buy nething. but had sum good ass chik-filet. then that night i went to dubes sweet 16. basically just chilled for the night. chilled wit ricky, i was happy wit that cause i realized how cool it is just hangin out wit his ass. talked to kim janelle my furry...amongst other people. sum1 came up to me, that i dont have a good past with, on sum "lets peace this up" type shit. i was like i dont even give a shit nemore so i was like its all money. n sum1 kept on turnin n lookin at me...i mean im not friends with you so why am i gonna make an attempt to talk to u. got home around 1145. called natty at like 12 to wish her a happy bday....n ended up talkin to her till 4, cause i thought i would have to wake up at 5 for work.

woke up and it was 10am, so looks like work was cancelled out. went out with my brother for a little bit so i could get natty her bday gift. got home n watched a little bit of the miami vs. florida game. then i fell asleep till like 7:45. ali called me up askin wat time i was gonna be over cause she was gonna give me a ride too nattys. so steve drove us there, chilled at her house till like home n called her at like 12...talked to like 4:30 so we beat our previous record. i was mad proud of ali. cause she just blazed ppl all night, it was mad funny. shes becoming a hater like me n im loving it. natty had this cute ass parasuco shirt with the velcro lettering, i wanna get the black tee with the letters.

woke up today n called mike see wat time we were goin to the booksale. he picked me up around 10:45. got home...n me n my parents had this weird ass convo, n i was like shit i need to go back to get a book, so i had my brother take me. stopped by jacks house...n there was like 10 hooked up cars in front of his house, i think theyre called "crazy vizions." they been tryin to get my brother to join that shit. seems pretty hood. off to work in newark =)....59-58=1!
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