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that's truth

so i havent updated in maddd long. summer been goin mad good n now it's lookin like its gonna end =(. thursday went to tha wood wit my was cool chillin with them cause i didnt see their asses for like 2 weeks. then friday went to menlo with black cons! and low cut air forces with the whitye ice bottom...n sum white tees. then we went to the train station to pick up jen cause on sat. they were all leavin for ocean city. saturday i was on the phone wit ana n furry n we were supposed to go to the movies...but i couldnt cause that shit was thundering n shit. jack ended up pickin me up at like 11...n we went to clarissa's party in like perth amboy. shit was hoood. at least over 100 was like a club in there, that was prolly my best night of the summer. then sunday i slept most of the day to sleep off my "headache." got up at like 3. watched tv n shit. then furry n ana called me from olive garden. talked to them till 1am then i had to bounce cause my tutor was comin over the next day(monday.) so today tutor came over at 8:30. went over my last test...i got an 80 n he gave me an 80 as my final grade....then we did my math packet. laster oin i was on my way to the mall with flapper n lec...n lec was like "am i cool or wat!!" so i was liek bro we're in an x5 u gotta pump up the music. so barry white comes on! n the girls in the car next to us were laughin n lookin over at us...n then they put there window down talkin to us n shit cause car flow was just on lock. out of that i got a number...but i mean who am i fooling im not gonna call those whores, so flapper rips the paper up in pieces n throws it back at the car. then the barry white went back up. tmw im gonna go get a trim at the barber shop cause i need 1. i still need pants for school and im ordering my timbs right now. boys r comin back from ocean city on thursday n my bro is leavin for las vegas on thursday. vee made the move to union. im talkin to amanda now, i havent talked to her in awhile. ana leavin for SB on saturday!!! =(...furry leavin for west chester tmw!!! still gotta do my summer, namsayin! brandon gettin his license on the 20th so that should be hot. im supposed to get my braces off on wed. so everything lookin up. ive babbled on long enough....1! -im guaranteed to keep crackin like eggs hittin tha flo-
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