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straight stunnin

so i never updated on the carnival tuesday night, cause i was too lazy. i ended up goin with mike n t. met up with brandon p. greg pete n then neil showed up. me n neil both had clippers jerseys, sandblasts, air forces, was crazy. so me n greg were walkin around lookin for sum1...but it turned out he left cause he had to go home early. ended up floating around...chillin with rc heads n rahway heads. then when i was walkin greg back to his car we saw joe basille n we were talkin to his ass for a little bit. ended up goin to wendys with cliff meg joe mike mike n t. we were hot boxin in that hot ass girls car for a little bit but then i was getting paranoid. walked around in roselle backstreets after that then went home. yesterday went to the mall with mike got a couple of shit. then went home n took my test n did sum hw. today im supposed to hit up the mall with heather. then tmw im goin to work then rollin mad deep to the carnival n see if sum1s gonna be there to take care of sumthin. but friday is night farawells r supposed to have ppl ver...n i wanna see my natty. =(
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