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so tired

so last night i went to the carnival. chilled around saw some heads. rc crew was rollin in there, pitts n pete, amanda n her girls, jay n his boys, sortino, jobeth, carrianne, troy, amongst other ppls. thus 1 kid kevin ryan was stalkin me like the whole night. i ran into pitts n pete n told them, turns out they wanna kick his ass. so right when pete was makin fun of him n talkin about his sideburns, he walks right by us staring at pete...that shit was mad funny. then me mike T n shawn went to my backyard to chill for alittle bit...then we went back. carnival was ending n we had mad heads just chillin in a circle, cops were surrounding us cause they thought a fight was goin down. we all ended up goin to D&D's...steph left her car on with the keys locked inside(that was the funniest part of the night) then this kid popped the lock open but the door wouldnt shut. n the dudeds g/f was jackie o. she was like alex do u remember wo i am(i was suprised she remembered me.) so then cliff was makin the drop offs. turns out i couldnt find my key, so i threw rocks at my bro's window n he opened the door for me. came online n talked too natty, we talked about seeing eachother a couple times this week...n hopefully that works out. talked ot neil too, he most likely comin to the carnival 2nite with me. kid is mad fuckin crazy. went to sleep at 2 and woke up at 7 for a shower cause tutor was comin over. fell asleep in the shower for like an hour. then i looked ta my shorts n i was like how the fuck did the key slip out. then i looked at it n there was 2 mini pockets, n i knew that. but last night i was only checkin 1 of i found my key. tutor came over n i nodded my way through today n hopefully i get to go to the mall later with mike...well see was poppin. 63-62= *1*
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