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"this girl got rice krispies treat on her back, thats wats up"

so today is my resting day. past 3 days ive been working. got payed today and all that work was worth it. hursday i was supposed to go to nyc with mike, t, n shawn....but my dad ended up picking me up to go to work, i was pissed about that. friday went to work again came home and fell asleep. woke back up n talked to sum1. i really miss this girl. we were talkin about the past year. i wish i could do that shit all over again. the months i wasted coulda spent it with her =(. its all good though. so i went to sleep feelin really good after that convo. then sat. woke up mad early again n went to work. dad dropped me off at ferry street for like a half hour so i could get my haircut, then went to work. came home, watched the mets lose =(...then went to aj's party with t. diddy. it was cool sein him..hopefully his sugery goes good n all that. spent the rest of the night chillin with the fan club. found out that a kid i use to be mad cool with got his g/f pregnant n asked her to marry him. they ended up getting an abortion. in other news carnival comin around this week prolly gonna end up goin there most of the nights grubbin on some good eats and conversatin with the ladies, ya also making plans to chill with heafer this week cause her n tina just got back from vacation a couple days ago. well thats about it...P
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