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get the stomppin in my air force 1's

so last night i took a shower then started on my homework(algebra)n was watchin a little bit of friends. then i got a call from neil. told me to go over to ali's which i did. ended up goin over there n chillin with steve, ali, neil, natty, gabby c., n tino. it was cool talkin n chillin with gabby n tino cause it was a first. it was also good to see my luv natty, it was the first time i saw in her in months. well me natty n neil went to mcdonalds cause neil was gettin hungry. got a vanilla shake n double cheeseburger. i wasnt really feelin them, thats why BK is better. walked back to steves. every1 was on the waterbed and i think it was neil that said when commercials come on to kick 1 person off at a time. so we got out survivor on and natty got kicked off, then cause i was the 1 startin all the alliances every1 kicked my ass off. watched some road rules then i had to go cause i had to finish my hw and drive neil to the bus stop. today woke up at 6:50 =( did my hw then tutor came over. gave me my 2nd test back all corrected. after gettin an 87 on my first one i got a 79 on my 2nd one. tmw i think i got work =( n thats about it.
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