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till whenever i can remember...

so i can only remember up till thursday night. chilled with t. diddy mike lisa n a. pitts. walked around the hood, then we went back to lisas house. got to see the yearbook and that shit was mad wack. then me n amanda were fighting n she kicked my ass hood style. then she got really pissed at me cause she was on the phone wit kevin ryan and i was talkin shit mad loud about him so he could hear just cause of wat he said about krystle. then i got home and furry n ana called me on 3way. they called me around 2am n we said that we would all make it to 5am. so said i was gonna take a 5 minute nap but they were like no so then like 5 min later i said i had to use the bathroom so thats when i took the nap, ended up falling asleep.

then on friday my mom came back home from portugal, so that put a damper on my summer. then that night i watched the mets beat cincy and then i watched this good ass movie on BET called "prison song." went to sleep

woke up sat. early for work. really didnt do much. went to a bar in newark after n they said if ne1 asked i was 21. waitresses were hot as balls and they hooked me up nicely with sum cervejas, holler. sat. night i cant even remember.

then today i was mad n mike decided to walk around the hood...good thing we didnt get close towards the annex cause cops drive around there like crazy cause mad shit goes on there. we got stopped by sum cop askin us were we were from but he was cool. then steve came home n we caught him on the street. he was tellin me about how he was talkin to julianne the other day n hw she told him i was movin n all this biz. then he was tellin me about a girl thats wants to get hooked up but then said she was "difficult." lets be real now...shes a bitch, but i can handle those ive always had.

o and another thing im guessin t. diddy too ashamed to tell us wat girls house he was planning on visiting, even though we found out whos it was. n he did sumthin that im really proud of. but now i feel mad left out...maybe itll happen soon...who knows
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