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thank god for AC

so yesterday i went to iberia with mike sylvie lec n my pops to go get our eat on. that place has to be 1 of the hotest in newark. i didnt eat much cause my stomach was killin me. got home and watched some of the mets game. then sylvie n mike(my 2nd cousins)drove by to see if i wanted to go see mr.deeds with them n a bunch of sylvie's friends. so we ended up goin to jersey gardens. the all the introducing came into play n her friends r hot. at 1 point i kept thinkin this 1 kid dave was gonna sneak me cause his EX girl was basically actin like my girlfriend the whole night. n st jersey gardens u can put the arm rests up n get a little closer...n sure enough she lifted up the arm rest n got a little closer. we watched the movie and so on with all that....yada yada yada the movie turned out to be decent. then after that we went back to newark to this hot coffee house. drunk some capachinos n that was the end of that night. today is just killing me ive been outside most of the time n its hot as balls out. got my cuttino mobley authentic today too n got my j kidd 1 the other day. tmw morning i gotta go to work but now i dont even care nemore i just wanna get money. rest of the day i think im just gonna chill cause i just had 2 filet o fish's n im fuckin full... fuck u mcdonalds, BK is better! anyway i gotta make a trip to ferry st. this week to get a shape up. n hope fully this week i chill with heafer n neil b4 heafer bounces. n friday maybe courtneys party with mike n tomer? iunno we'll see. holler!
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