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fuck the dentist...fuck, fuck...fuck the dentist

so right now im mad hungry. went to the dentist on like wed. and he ended up tighting my braces and putting sum extra wire in it. ever since then i havent been able to eat much. ive just sticked to drinks n soup.

so my weekend was pretty hot. friday i went to andreas party at the holiday inn. saw mrs. schurtz there(fresh. religion teacher.& kim's mom)!! it was cool seein UC heads again. i was kinda pissed though cause every1 around me was eating in the beginning and the food looked mad good. i ended up dancing basicall the whole night...even showed my spanish dancing skills =P.

saturday i went to work with my uncle. goin with him is mad easy, cause u really dont do much. got home early and of course didnt do nethin really. then got home n showered. spent a good 2 hours by myself cause my bro was still at work n my parents were at the beach. then rui called me up. asked me if i wanted to got to the chop festival in the bricks. i was like holler. so he picked me up n we rolled there with 2 car-loads of ppl. it was me, rui, jorge, jack, melanie, marissa, nadia, adrian, jess, n maria. it was kinda poppin. we basically ended up gettin seperated for most of the time...i was just chillin with jack n melanie n marissa most of the time. n holler i saw sum porkchop fatty's. porkchop girls startin to get up there.

so today i woke up. i thought my parents were gonna make me go to the chop parade with them today, but i was wrong. i ened up goin to sleep. played sum nba live n watched dangerous minds. damn esa those kids r gangsta.

neway im sorta/not lookin foward to this week. its the first week im gonna have to work 3 fuckin days, 2 of them being long as hell. but then friday is mikes bday n then saturday is gabbys party.

i would take the which slc punk character are u quiz... but im afraid if i get mike that itll take all of t's happiness away.
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