alex aka shando (shando) wrote,
alex aka shando


Name: alex
Nicknames: shando, fresh, lex, biggie
Current SN's: pharoahe esco, alex s holla
Zodiac Sign: gemini, represent
Siblings: 1 brotha
City/State: linden, dirty jersey
Future Location: maryland dawg
Collections: authentics
Goals/Ambitions: so many
Hobbies: movies, mall, phone, online, bball, listening to music,- just chillin
Lefty/Righty/Ambi: righty
School: roselle catholic
Job: construction..namsayin

4 Letter Word: word
Actor/Actress: stiffler, adam sandler, brooke burke, etc..
Animal/Insect: dawg
Athletes: jason kidd, gary payton, steve nash, darius miles, edgardo alfonzo, ichiro suzuki, edgerrin james, shaun williams, tiki barber, amani toomer, etc..
Board Game: monoply
Book: the outsiders(aight, aight!)
Candy: reeses
Cartoon: the simpsons
Cereal: lucky charms, frosted flakes, cinnamon toast crunch, etc..
Chewing Gum: orbit
Color: dark/baby blue
Day of Week: friday & saturday
Least fave day: monday
Drink (Alcoholic): 40oz colt 45(true 40 shorties)
Drink (Nonalcoholic): coke, iced tea, lemonade
Fabric: cotton?
Food: pizza
Fruit: oranges are dope
Holiday: xmas
Hour of Day: 5pm-12pm
Ice Cream: cookie dough
Item of Clothing/Outfit: steve nash authentic
Jell-O Flavor: cherry?
Music: rap, r&b, "rock", club
Music Video: cam'ron - oh boy (so many authentics!)
Number: 3, 20
Perfume/Cologne: dolce & gabana...if only i had my own bottle of that
Place/Town: linden?, newark hot too
Quote/Saying: ohh thats gangsta
Restaurant Chain: bk reppin!
School Subject: religion?
Season: summer
Shampoo: pantene pro-v "for normal hair," herbal essence
Shapes: fattys
Song: the murderers - down 4 you
Sport to Watch: bball
Toothpaste: colgate, crest
TV Channel: 11, 5, msg(mets games), bet, mtv
TV Show: the simpsons, seinfeld, friends, grounded for life, real world, jamie kennedy x-periment, man show, etc...
Least fav TV show: so many
Vegetable: herbs
Video Game: nba live
Habits: chewing my nails, judging by first site, and other shit
Obsessions: girls, clothes, music( hey thats life)
Piercing: none
Special Skills/Talents: none?
Tattoos: none

Slow/Fast songs at dances: both
Coke/Pepsi: coke
Day/Night: night
Diamonds/Pearls: diamonds, rock that ice!
Flowers/Candy/Poem: candy
Gold/Silver: both
Haagen Daaz/Ben&Jerry's: haagen daaz
Land/Sea: land, but cruises r hot as well
Love/Lust: love
McD's/Burger King: bk
Mountains/Prairies: mountains
Pie/Cake: o man...cant make me choose like that
Smiling/Laughing: laughin

Best Love Relationship: none have really worked out for me
Do you believe in love at first sight: yes
Do you have a crush on a school mate/coworker: maybe, i dont even kno
Do you want children one day & if so, how many: 2-3
Fave thing about the opposite sex: everythin
Most important thing to you in a friendship is: honesty
Turn Ons: girls with nice asses, holler!
Best Friends are who: ttub, mike, neil, vee, ana, heafer, etc...
Be any animal, what would you be: lion...king of the jungle
Dye your hair any color, it would be: gray with red streaks
What would you do to someone you disliked: depends if theyre causin me trouble
Have a special power, what would it be: seein through shit
Have a tattoo, what would it be: bulldawg
Invent something what would it be: no idea
Criminal Record: damn k-mart
Do you eat chicken fingers with a fork: nah
Do you ever write your name with the last name of your crush: nope
Do you gossip: sumtimes
Do you save AOL conversations: nope
Do you speak any other languages: chop(sum), n a little bit of thast frech shit...oui, oui
Have you ever been attacked by a big dog: oh-no!
How do you eat an Oreo: dunk that shit in milk
If you couldn't do your dream job/career, what would be second best: music producer
Last book you read: glass menagerie(2 pages in class)
Name some of the fav. things in your bedroom: bed, stereo, tv
Pick a song title that best describes you: still fly - big tymers
Things you hate about yourself the most: long list
Things you like about yourself the most: long list
Things you look forward to: college, life
This makes me cry: just shit
This makes me smile: girls, friends, funny shit
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