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Friday, November 28th, 2003
12:12 pm - 311...
is it a comeback?!

so 2nite goin to see 311 at convention hall. goin with 20 heads, so well prolly take 3-4 vehicles. this is gonna be my third time seeing them, first time was the best, but with this many people coming tonight might be the best.

thanksgiving has been a nice break from school. wednesday i ended up chillin w/ mike jayr tom n jen. havent chilled w/ jayr in a minute, we got him back in the habit which i was very proud about. went into wendy's parkin lot n saw cistaro shawn frankie n roach. talked to them for like 15 min then continued to do our thing. dropped off jen at the train-station n dropped off jayr at home. went back to mikes house to watch simpsons on dvd. i started falling asleep so i took off n went home.

yesterday was thanksgiving. stayed at my house at thanksgiving for the first time since my aunt n uncle moved to portugal. so i spent it w/ my family n my 2 cousins n other aunt n uncle who came from portugal on wednesday.

2nite ill prolly hit up a couple 40oz n just have fun. tmw i got an appointment at clippers. gotta meet up w/ bruno earlier though so i can follow him n find out where this place is at.

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Friday, November 29th, 2002
5:05 pm - been awhile
stolen from mike...

- b a s i c s .
1x sex: male
2x birthday: june 20th
3x sign: gemini
4x siblings: 1 lec money
5x hair color: black
6x eye color: brown
7x shoe size/height: 9/5'7"
8x who are your best friends?: mike tom neil furry ana greg vee

- f a s h i o n . s t u f f .
1x where is your favorite place to shop?: wherever
2x any tattoos or piercings?: nope

- e x t r a . s t u f f.
1x do you do drugs: i dont play with it
2x what kind of shampoo do you use: pantene pro-v
3x what are you most scared of: right now i dont really give a shit about being scared
4x what are you listening to right now: eminem - 8 mile(hot song)
5x what vehicle do you wish to have?: mazda rx-8
6x who is the last person that called you: natty
7x where do you want to get married: no idea
8x how many messenger buddies do you have on right now: aim: 28
9x if you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?: im pretty satisfied
- f a v o r i t e s.
1x color: blue
2x food: stuffing
3x boy names: alex...its hot
4x girl names: no idea
5x subject in school: history
6x sport: basketball

-h a v e . y o u . e v e r . . .
1x given anyone a bath: nope
2x smoked: word
3x bungee jumped: nah
4x broken the law: word
5x made yourself throw-up: nope
6x went skinny dipping?: in my bath tub?
7x been in love: in love currently
8x made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: when i was like 10

- w h a t . c o m e s . t o . m i n d . . .
1x red: bloods
2x cow: utters
3x socks: nike
4x greenland: green

- b o d y .
1x what do you most like about your body?: that im small n not fat
2x and least?: that im short
3x how many fillings do you have?: 2 =/
4x do you think you're good looking?: im cute as hell...holla!
5x do other people often tell you that you're good looking?: word
6x do you look like any celebrities?: ive been told i look like: that guy jamie kennedy, john stockton back in the day, sum1 een said that asian? dude from linkin park

- f r i e n d s .
1x do your friends 'know' you?: yes
2x what do they tend to be like?: doing watever they feel like
3x are there traits in you that are universally liked?: that im funny, and i give out good advice, and im a good listener
4x how many people do you tell everything to?: like 5-7 people

- m u s i c , t v , f i l m & b o o k s .
1x favorite band ever?: band...i dot kno im really not into that scene
2x most listened to bands: system of a down
3x do you find any musicians good-looking?: yah
4x can you play an instrument?: triangle, tamberine...wat else is there out there
5x type of music listen to?: anything that i like

- g e n e r a l . q u e s t i o n s .:
1x who is the smartest man alive at the moment?: your mom!
2x what do you prefer, a sunny or rainy day?: sunny, but unless its raining n it involves thunder, then a raindy day it is
3x do you consider yourself lucky?: yes, very
4x do you feel pity for people who commit suicide?: yah, just to be in that frame of mind sucks
5x choose one word to describe how you feel most often: goofy

- f i n a l . q u e s t i o n s .
1x do you like filling these out?: it passes the time
2x gold or silver: both
3x what is the last film you saw at the movies: 8 mile
4x favorite cartoon character: no idea
5x what do you have for breakfast in the morning: cereal
6x who would you love being locked in a room with: natty...i think u can all guess why...=P

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Saturday, September 28th, 2002
4:59 pm - takin from cassie

What Kind of Relationship is Right For You?

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Sunday, September 8th, 2002
11:45 am - so tired...
so it all started on thursday when i had orientation. went to go pick up mike n off i went. it was only till 11. my classes r pretty hot n i like my teachers, so it looks like this year im just gonna be crusin by. then i got n slept on and off for like 4 hours. called up natty to see how her orientation was. talked to her for a couple hours. then i watched the giants game. i was sad cause they lost by 3 to the 49ers, im suprised it was that close.

friday i was chillin around the house then tom called. told me to look out my window. it was him n his sister in her new car. scary thing was he was the 1 driving. so i was like nice lets go to the mall. so we called up mike n went to the wood. didnt buy nething. but had sum good ass chik-filet. then that night i went to dubes sweet 16. basically just chilled for the night. chilled wit ricky, i was happy wit that cause i realized how cool it is just hangin out wit his ass. talked to kim janelle my furry...amongst other people. sum1 came up to me, that i dont have a good past with, on sum "lets peace this up" type shit. i was like i dont even give a shit nemore so i was like its all money. n sum1 kept on turnin n lookin at me...i mean im not friends with you so why am i gonna make an attempt to talk to u. got home around 1145. called natty at like 12 to wish her a happy bday....n ended up talkin to her till 4, cause i thought i would have to wake up at 5 for work.

woke up and it was 10am, so looks like work was cancelled out. went out with my brother for a little bit so i could get natty her bday gift. got home n watched a little bit of the miami vs. florida game. then i fell asleep till like 7:45. ali called me up askin wat time i was gonna be over cause she was gonna give me a ride too nattys. so steve drove us there, chilled at her house till like 11:30...got home n called her at like 12...talked to like 4:30 so we beat our previous record. i was mad proud of ali. cause she just blazed ppl all night, it was mad funny. shes becoming a hater like me n im loving it. natty had this cute ass parasuco shirt with the velcro lettering, i wanna get the black tee with the letters.

woke up today n called mike see wat time we were goin to the booksale. he picked me up around 10:45. got home...n me n my parents had this weird ass convo, n i was like shit i need to go back to get a book, so i had my brother take me. stopped by jacks house...n there was like 10 hooked up cars in front of his house, i think theyre called "crazy vizions." they been tryin to get my brother to join that shit. seems pretty hood. off to work in newark =)....59-58=1!

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Sunday, September 1st, 2002
10:19 pm - thats tha theme
so this weekend was basically mad hot. it all started on friday morniing my cousin called n told me to come over cause we were gonna go to the park to go shoot around. i havent seen him in like mad months cause he work for sum minor league baseball team up north. so we shot around and played 1 on 1 and all that shit, but we were so out of shape we almost collapsed. so he came over and played sum madden n then bounced. i watched half baked and then the doorbell rang it was the ups guy with my pairs of timb i ordered for school. then i went to sleep woke up and took a shower. then natty called me n told me every1 was already at steves. so i got dressed n went off on my way. rang the doorbell n steve greg n neil answer it. neil n greg r in ali's clothes n shit. went upstairs n saw natty krystle colleen heather steve krystina(natty n alis friend)big adam and L-boogie. so we were chillin for a little bit...watchin greg n neil n shit. then pitts ali pam vinnie n sum other heads showed up. then tina got there from work. she was mad tired, i hadnt seen her in a long ass time. so we were chillin n shit n then all of a sudden neil put me down nice as hell...i love that kid to death!! so for the rest of the night i was just havin the best time possible with the best ppl(1 in particular.)n cause of that i couldnt say bye to greg heather colleen n krystle. i was supposed to get picked up at 12...but i told my parents i was gonna get a ride home at like 1:30-2 am. so u kno its passed 2:30 and im still havin a good time but i keep remindin every1 i gotta bounce cause they were all sleepin over. but problem was steves mom was downstairs n she wouldnt let me walk home if she knew that was the case. so i had to say a quick goodbye to every1 cause steve noticed she was in the bathroom. so i was walkin n shit got a call from natty halfway wondering if i was ok which i was. kept on walkin even more n i was near winfield park n i get another call at like 3am n its my mom askin where i am. told her i was at bayway circle cause we just finished droppin off elizabeth heads. got home like 10min after that. the doors were locked so i climbed through the bathroom window. made mad noise, n tried to sneak into my room. parents called me ovr n wanted to kno the story. they took things really well, so i didnt get into trouble.

even if i did get introuble it wouldnt of really mattered cause the time spent at the farawells i prolly wont forget for awhile. the more time u spend with a person the more u come to realizing how imp. she or he is(in this case she.) feelings r gettin stronger n i dont know wat i should do. i mean she feels the same way for me...but am i ready, its way beyond just a cruch or just liking her....shes mad important/special to me n im afraid ill end up doin sumthin mad stupid n lose her like that...wat to do.

so saturday night jack picked me up we went to this house party it was pretty dope. came back to my house to chill for a little bit. ana called n i got to talk to her for a good hour. then i talked to vee n neil online. after that went back to the party came home n slept.

today i woke up at like 1:30 n tom and mike called me. told me we were goin to the mall at 2:30. so we went to the wood. went to mcdonalds n they were sayin spencer was starin at me. i looked in the direction n noticed him. so i went over there for a minute n talked to his ass. then we walked around got a nice ass dark blue/baby blue sweater at demo. then while walkin through macys i saw nicole barlow. then we ended up bouncin to aj's goin away party. saw sum movies n watched tv n now im here. n my brother is coming back tonight from vegas so im pretty happy cause i missed him.

ana comin back from maryland tmw morning. so b4 she goes to south brunswick we gonna hit up the mall together cause i miss her ass. so orientation is coming...i dont really give a shit about it, i just wanna get through n just see the girls n shit n thats about it. ill prolly write in this shit a week from now....so 59-58=1!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, August 26th, 2002
11:13 pm - that's truth
so i havent updated in maddd long. summer been goin mad good n now it's lookin like its gonna end =(. thursday went to tha wood wit my boys...it was cool chillin with them cause i didnt see their asses for like 2 weeks. then friday went to menlo with them....got black cons! and low cut air forces with the whitye ice bottom...n sum white tees. then we went to the train station to pick up jen cause on sat. they were all leavin for ocean city. saturday i was on the phone wit ana n furry n we were supposed to go to the movies...but i couldnt cause that shit was thundering n shit. jack ended up pickin me up at like 11...n we went to clarissa's party in like perth amboy. shit was hoood. at least over 100 heads....it was like a club in there, that was prolly my best night of the summer. then sunday i slept most of the day to sleep off my "headache." got up at like 3. watched tv n shit. then furry n ana called me from olive garden. talked to them till 1am then i had to bounce cause my tutor was comin over the next day(monday.) so today tutor came over at 8:30. went over my last test...i got an 80 n he gave me an 80 as my final grade....then we did my math packet. laster oin i was on my way to the mall with flapper n lec...n lec was like "am i cool or wat!!" so i was liek bro we're in an x5 u gotta pump up the music. so barry white comes on! n the girls in the car next to us were laughin n lookin over at us...n then they put there window down talkin to us n shit cause car flow was just on lock. out of that i got a number...but i mean who am i fooling im not gonna call those whores, so flapper rips the paper up in pieces n throws it back at the car. then the barry white went back up. tmw im gonna go get a trim at the barber shop cause i need 1. i still need pants for school and im ordering my timbs right now. boys r comin back from ocean city on thursday n my bro is leavin for las vegas on thursday. vee made the move to union. im talkin to amanda now, i havent talked to her in awhile. ana leavin for SB on saturday!!! =(...furry leavin for west chester tmw!!! still gotta do my summer ready...sparknotes.com, namsayin! brandon gettin his license on the 20th so that should be hot. im supposed to get my braces off on wed. so everything lookin up. ive babbled on long enough....1! -im guaranteed to keep crackin like eggs hittin tha flo-

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Thursday, August 1st, 2002
12:50 pm - straight stunnin
so i never updated on the carnival tuesday night, cause i was too lazy. i ended up goin with mike n t. met up with brandon p. greg pete n then neil showed up. me n neil both had clippers jerseys, sandblasts, air forces, fitteds....it was crazy. so me n greg were walkin around lookin for sum1...but it turned out he left cause he had to go home early. ended up floating around...chillin with rc heads n rahway heads. then when i was walkin greg back to his car we saw joe basille n we were talkin to his ass for a little bit. ended up goin to wendys with cliff meg joe mike mike n t. we were hot boxin in that hot ass girls car for a little bit but then i was getting paranoid. walked around in roselle backstreets after that then went home. yesterday went to the mall with mike got a couple of shit. then went home n took my test n did sum hw. today im supposed to hit up the mall with heather. then tmw im goin to work then rollin mad deep to the carnival n see if sum1s gonna be there to take care of sumthin. but friday is night farawells r supposed to have ppl ver...n i wanna see my natty. =(

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Tuesday, July 30th, 2002
12:03 pm - so tired
so last night i went to the carnival. chilled around saw some heads. rc crew was rollin in there, pitts n pete, amanda n her girls, jay n his boys, sortino, jobeth, carrianne, troy, amongst other ppls. thus 1 kid kevin ryan was stalkin me like the whole night. i ran into pitts n pete n told them, turns out they wanna kick his ass. so right when pete was makin fun of him n talkin about his sideburns, he walks right by us staring at pete...that shit was mad funny. then me mike T n shawn went to my backyard to chill for alittle bit...then we went back. carnival was ending n we had mad heads just chillin in a circle, cops were surrounding us cause they thought a fight was goin down. we all ended up goin to D&D's...steph left her car on with the keys locked inside(that was the funniest part of the night) then this kid popped the lock open but the door wouldnt shut. n the dudeds g/f was jackie o. she was like alex do u remember wo i am(i was suprised she remembered me.) so then cliff was makin the drop offs. turns out i couldnt find my key, so i threw rocks at my bro's window n he opened the door for me. came online n talked too natty, we talked about seeing eachother a couple times this week...n hopefully that works out. talked ot neil too, he most likely comin to the carnival 2nite with me. kid is mad fuckin crazy. went to sleep at 2 and woke up at 7 for a shower cause tutor was comin over. fell asleep in the shower for like an hour. then i looked ta my shorts n i was like how the fuck did the key slip out. then i looked at it n there was 2 mini pockets, n i knew that. but last night i was only checkin 1 of them...so i found my key. tutor came over n i nodded my way through today n hopefully i get to go to the mall later with mike...well see was poppin. 63-62= *1*

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Sunday, July 28th, 2002
3:57 pm - "this girl got rice krispies treat on her back, thats wats up"
so today is my resting day. past 3 days ive been working. got payed today and all that work was worth it. hursday i was supposed to go to nyc with mike, t, n shawn....but my dad ended up picking me up to go to work, i was pissed about that. friday went to work again came home and fell asleep. woke back up n talked to sum1. i really miss this girl. we were talkin about the past year. i wish i could do that shit all over again. the months i wasted coulda spent it with her =(. its all good though. so i went to sleep feelin really good after that convo. then sat. woke up mad early again n went to work. dad dropped me off at ferry street for like a half hour so i could get my haircut, then went to work. came home, watched the mets lose =(...then went to aj's party with t. diddy. it was cool sein him..hopefully his sugery goes good n all that. spent the rest of the night chillin with the fan club. found out that a kid i use to be mad cool with got his g/f pregnant n asked her to marry him. they ended up getting an abortion. in other news carnival comin around this week prolly gonna end up goin there most of the nights grubbin on some good eats and conversatin with the ladies, ya namsayin...im also making plans to chill with heafer this week cause her n tina just got back from vacation a couple days ago. well thats about it...P

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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2002
12:22 pm - get the stomppin in my air force 1's
so last night i took a shower then started on my homework(algebra)n was watchin a little bit of friends. then i got a call from neil. told me to go over to ali's which i did. ended up goin over there n chillin with steve, ali, neil, natty, gabby c., n tino. it was cool talkin n chillin with gabby n tino cause it was a first. it was also good to see my luv natty, it was the first time i saw in her in months. well me natty n neil went to mcdonalds cause neil was gettin hungry. got a vanilla shake n double cheeseburger. i wasnt really feelin them, thats why BK is better. walked back to steves. every1 was on the waterbed and i think it was neil that said when commercials come on to kick 1 person off at a time. so we got out survivor on and natty got kicked off, then cause i was the 1 startin all the alliances every1 kicked my ass off. watched some road rules then i had to go cause i had to finish my hw and drive neil to the bus stop. today woke up at 6:50 =( did my hw then tutor came over. gave me my 2nd test back all corrected. after gettin an 87 on my first one i got a 79 on my 2nd one. tmw i think i got work =( n thats about it.

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Monday, July 22nd, 2002
12:19 am - till whenever i can remember...
so i can only remember up till thursday night. chilled with t. diddy mike lisa n a. pitts. walked around the hood, then we went back to lisas house. got to see the yearbook and that shit was mad wack. then me n amanda were fighting n she kicked my ass hood style. then she got really pissed at me cause she was on the phone wit kevin ryan and i was talkin shit mad loud about him so he could hear just cause of wat he said about krystle. then i got home and furry n ana called me on 3way. they called me around 2am n we said that we would all make it to 5am. so said i was gonna take a 5 minute nap but they were like no so then like 5 min later i said i had to use the bathroom so thats when i took the nap, ended up falling asleep.

then on friday my mom came back home from portugal, so that put a damper on my summer. then that night i watched the mets beat cincy and then i watched this good ass movie on BET called "prison song." went to sleep

woke up sat. early for work. really didnt do much. went to a bar in newark after n they said if ne1 asked i was 21. waitresses were hot as balls and they hooked me up nicely with sum cervejas, holler. sat. night i cant even remember.

then today i was mad bored...me n mike decided to walk around the hood...good thing we didnt get close towards the annex cause cops drive around there like crazy cause mad shit goes on there. we got stopped by sum cop askin us were we were from but he was cool. then steve came home n we caught him on the street. he was tellin me about how he was talkin to julianne the other day n hw she told him i was movin n all this biz. then he was tellin me about a girl thats wants to get hooked up but then said she was "difficult." lets be real now...shes a bitch, but i can handle those ive always had.

o and another thing im guessin t. diddy too ashamed to tell us wat girls house he was planning on visiting, even though we found out whos it was. n he did sumthin that im really proud of. but now i feel mad left out...maybe itll happen soon...who knows

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Monday, July 8th, 2002
3:39 pm - thank god for AC
so yesterday i went to iberia with mike sylvie lec n my pops to go get our eat on. that place has to be 1 of the hotest in newark. i didnt eat much cause my stomach was killin me. got home and watched some of the mets game. then sylvie n mike(my 2nd cousins)drove by to see if i wanted to go see mr.deeds with them n a bunch of sylvie's friends. so we ended up goin to jersey gardens. the all the introducing came into play n her friends r hot. at 1 point i kept thinkin this 1 kid dave was gonna sneak me cause his EX girl was basically actin like my girlfriend the whole night. n st jersey gardens u can put the arm rests up n get a little closer...n sure enough she lifted up the arm rest n got a little closer. we watched the movie and so on with all that....yada yada yada the movie turned out to be decent. then after that we went back to newark to this hot coffee house. drunk some capachinos n that was the end of that night. today is just killing me ive been outside most of the time n its hot as balls out. got my cuttino mobley authentic today too n got my j kidd 1 the other day. tmw morning i gotta go to work but now i dont even care nemore i just wanna get money. rest of the day i think im just gonna chill cause i just had 2 filet o fish's n im fuckin full... fuck u mcdonalds, BK is better! anyway i gotta make a trip to ferry st. this week to get a shape up. n hope fully this week i chill with heafer n neil b4 heafer bounces. n friday maybe courtneys party with mike n tomer? iunno we'll see. holler!

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Monday, June 17th, 2002
9:36 am - i need food
so this weekend was decent. friday it looked like shit outside, and i decded to stay in....watched the mets lose to he yankees then i watched the wood. saturday i woke up for work but my dad said me n my bro didnt have to go cause we needed to get pics done for our passports. so we ended up in westfield and took the pics there. then i chilled around the house watched the mets kick the yankees ass. then me n my parents went to 7-11 to go pick up neil. we went to the sheradon for gabbys party. the jalen rose jersey and the fitted i wore were hot. that was a hot ass party. saw my UC heads there: neil, ricky, vee, my furry, gabby, andrea, fat mark, christie, steph, kristina d., nelson, roger, anna, sum other senior heads, and then sum other ppl i didnt kno. started off chillin around the pool, then in the pool, then watching cops in the room, then goin downstairs to eat then dance. ended up leavn the party with marks chop chain n steph let me have her black bra strap. scrubby furry ended up keeping my wristband. then yesterday i went to eat with my parents n my brother had good eats but thank god it went by fast. my family is full of douche bags. had to wake up early this morning to go to elizabeth for sum passprt shit. turns out we gtta call PA to make an appointment and then drive out there and get our passports updated. it was like 8.30am when we got there and i saw a rose, peter warrick, and a ron dayne authentics. report cards come this week...i already kno im goin to sumemr school for algebra =(. im heading towards the munchies...P

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Friday, June 14th, 2002
9:37 am - mike
HAppy birthday dawg!!!!!!

portugal lost to south korea 1-0...u guys suck....=(

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Tuesday, June 11th, 2002
10:35 pm - baby i am wat i am
damn i realized how happy shopping makes me feel. yesterday i did basically nuthin till about like 5.30. phatty drove by in tha whip n picked me n lec up. i got mad shit, it felt like xmas. from structure i got: 3 pairs of cargo pants(all diff colors), boxers, and a white undershirt. from against all odds i got: 3 rocawear shirts and a girbaud shirt. and from epic i got a girbaud shirt. then i picked up a cinnabun. today i went to work. im so exhausted. then i came online and ordered a pair of phat farm shorts and a pair of enyce shorts. tmw. im just gonna sleep my ass off and maybe even ball up?

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Monday, June 10th, 2002
1:40 pm - chops!
nice portugal beat poland 4-0.

current mood: tired

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Sunday, June 9th, 2002
6:29 pm - fuck the dentist...fuck, fuck...fuck the dentist
so right now im mad hungry. went to the dentist on like wed. and he ended up tighting my braces and putting sum extra wire in it. ever since then i havent been able to eat much. ive just sticked to drinks n soup.

so my weekend was pretty hot. friday i went to andreas party at the holiday inn. saw mrs. schurtz there(fresh. religion teacher.& kim's mom)!! it was cool seein UC heads again. i was kinda pissed though cause every1 around me was eating in the beginning and the food looked mad good. i ended up dancing basicall the whole night...even showed my spanish dancing skills =P.

saturday i went to work with my uncle. goin with him is mad easy, cause u really dont do much. got home early and of course didnt do nethin really. then got home n showered. spent a good 2 hours by myself cause my bro was still at work n my parents were at the beach. then rui called me up. asked me if i wanted to got to the chop festival in the bricks. i was like holler. so he picked me up n we rolled there with 2 car-loads of ppl. it was me, rui, jorge, jack, melanie, marissa, nadia, adrian, jess, n maria. it was kinda poppin. we basically ended up gettin seperated for most of the time...i was just chillin with jack n melanie n marissa most of the time. n holler i saw sum porkchop fatty's. porkchop girls startin to get up there.

so today i woke up. i thought my parents were gonna make me go to the chop parade with them today, but i was wrong. i ened up goin to sleep. played sum nba live n watched dangerous minds. damn esa those kids r gangsta.

neway im sorta/not lookin foward to this week. its the first week im gonna have to work 3 fuckin days, 2 of them being long as hell. but then friday is mikes bday n then saturday is gabbys party.

i would take the which slc punk character are u quiz... but im afraid if i get mike that itll take all of t's happiness away.

current mood: content

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Wednesday, June 5th, 2002
1:21 pm - stay chllin with UC heads
aight so yesterday had to take my bio final...
shit wasnt so bad...
i think i might have passed...
got out of skool at like 10...
ended up jogging home and took a shower...
dad cam at like 1030 to pick me up...
he took me to 6flags..
called neil when i got there..
n he was there with greg b n pete...
we looked like an all star team...
all authentics...
saw all my peoples it was cool..
we started off with 1 crew of girls...
but then ppl started gettin disgruntled...
b ended up chillin with grace...
n me neil greg n pete chilled with heather krystle colleen katie caitlyn n lisa...
had a good time...
rides, food, girls...
wat much can u ask for?..
bro picked me up from 6flags..
got home and just lounged around...
had algebra2 w/ geo. final today...
had no idea wat i was doin...
i was sittin with sum freshmen...
n they all writtin shit on there scarp paper and are like on #4...
im sittin there on #24 thinkin hmmm i havent picked B inawhile...
ill go with that...
tmw is last day...
french...its gonna be alright...
should do alright on it...
so prolly goin to lunch at mongolian on friday if i dont have work...
thanks to my mom(mrs hayes)..
then that night i got andreas party...
this summer is lookin promising

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Wednesday, May 29th, 2002
5:30 pm - survey
Name: alex
Nicknames: shando, fresh, lex, biggie
Current SN's: pharoahe esco, alex s holla
Zodiac Sign: gemini, represent
Siblings: 1 brotha
City/State: linden, dirty jersey
Future Location: maryland dawg
Collections: authentics
Goals/Ambitions: so many
Hobbies: movies, mall, phone, online, bball, listening to music,- just chillin
Lefty/Righty/Ambi: righty
School: roselle catholic
Job: construction..namsayin

4 Letter Word: word
Actor/Actress: stiffler, adam sandler, brooke burke, etc..
Animal/Insect: dawg
Athletes: jason kidd, gary payton, steve nash, darius miles, edgardo alfonzo, ichiro suzuki, edgerrin james, shaun williams, tiki barber, amani toomer, etc..
Board Game: monoply
Book: the outsiders(aight, aight!)
Candy: reeses
Cartoon: the simpsons
Cereal: lucky charms, frosted flakes, cinnamon toast crunch, etc..
Chewing Gum: orbit
Color: dark/baby blue
Day of Week: friday & saturday
Least fave day: monday
Drink (Alcoholic): 40oz colt 45(true 40 shorties)
Drink (Nonalcoholic): coke, iced tea, lemonade
Fabric: cotton?
Food: pizza
Fruit: oranges are dope
Holiday: xmas
Hour of Day: 5pm-12pm
Ice Cream: cookie dough
Item of Clothing/Outfit: steve nash authentic
Jell-O Flavor: cherry?
Music: rap, r&b, "rock", club
Music Video: cam'ron - oh boy (so many authentics!)
Number: 3, 20
Perfume/Cologne: dolce & gabana...if only i had my own bottle of that
Place/Town: linden?, newark hot too
Quote/Saying: ohh thats gangsta
Restaurant Chain: bk reppin!
School Subject: religion?
Season: summer
Shampoo: pantene pro-v "for normal hair," herbal essence
Shapes: fattys
Song: the murderers - down 4 you
Sport to Watch: bball
Toothpaste: colgate, crest
TV Channel: 11, 5, msg(mets games), bet, mtv
TV Show: the simpsons, seinfeld, friends, grounded for life, real world, jamie kennedy x-periment, man show, etc...
Least fav TV show: so many
Vegetable: herbs
Video Game: nba live
Habits: chewing my nails, judging by first site, and other shit
Obsessions: girls, clothes, music( hey thats life)
Piercing: none
Special Skills/Talents: none?
Tattoos: none

Slow/Fast songs at dances: both
Coke/Pepsi: coke
Day/Night: night
Diamonds/Pearls: diamonds, rock that ice!
Flowers/Candy/Poem: candy
Gold/Silver: both
Haagen Daaz/Ben&Jerry's: haagen daaz
Land/Sea: land, but cruises r hot as well
Love/Lust: love
McD's/Burger King: bk
Mountains/Prairies: mountains
Pie/Cake: o man...cant make me choose like that
Smiling/Laughing: laughin

Best Love Relationship: none have really worked out for me
Do you believe in love at first sight: yes
Do you have a crush on a school mate/coworker: maybe, i dont even kno
Do you want children one day & if so, how many: 2-3
Fave thing about the opposite sex: everythin
Most important thing to you in a friendship is: honesty
Turn Ons: girls with nice asses, holler!
Best Friends are who: ttub, mike, neil, vee, ana, heafer, etc...
Be any animal, what would you be: lion...king of the jungle
Dye your hair any color, it would be: gray with red streaks
What would you do to someone you disliked: depends if theyre causin me trouble
Have a special power, what would it be: seein through shit
Have a tattoo, what would it be: bulldawg
Invent something what would it be: no idea
Criminal Record: damn k-mart
Do you eat chicken fingers with a fork: nah
Do you ever write your name with the last name of your crush: nope
Do you gossip: sumtimes
Do you save AOL conversations: nope
Do you speak any other languages: chop(sum), n a little bit of thast frech shit...oui, oui
Have you ever been attacked by a big dog: oh-no!
How do you eat an Oreo: dunk that shit in milk
If you couldn't do your dream job/career, what would be second best: music producer
Last book you read: glass menagerie(2 pages in class)
Name some of the fav. things in your bedroom: bed, stereo, tv
Pick a song title that best describes you: still fly - big tymers
Things you hate about yourself the most: long list
Things you like about yourself the most: long list
Things you look forward to: college, life
This makes me cry: just shit
This makes me smile: girls, friends, funny shit

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3:44 pm - always firsts
so yesterday i came home..
like around 3 i got a call from my cousin...
asked me if i wanted to go to the mets game..
i was like no doubt.
went with him joe n chet...
went to linden station...
took us to ny...
then we had to take another train to shea stadium..
we sat in the reserved section right behind home plate 5th row...
thats the section where the players familys sit at....
cause joe mcewing was the 1 who hooked us up with the tickets..
mets ended up losin 5-3...
i splurgged mad loot at the game...
so we left got back on the train...
wait at penn station in my for like 30min..
took train to linden..
got home at liek 12.30...
went to sleep at 2 and im mad tired.

today skool went by mad slow..
got invited to another rc party..
nina's sweet 16...and i got arnitras on friday..
2 more days of reg. skool!

current mood: tired

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